Our facilities have been remodeled completely in and out.  They have  been tastefully decorated to create a pleasing peaceful atmosphere where families and public can comfortably remember their loved one's lives.  Our goal is that not only we serve families, but they can understand that our facilities are cared for at the same level as the care for their loved ones.  We dont pretend to be perfect but yet strive to provide the highest level of quality in respect to services, facilities, products and above all the care to families and their deceased loved ones.

See below the pictures and know we are constantly changing to continuously improve our abilities to serve with the latest technologies available without inconveniencing our families as they mourn their loved ones.

<<<<<<<<<<---------------The Exterior of our Home

Our home has been graciously remodeled and continuously changed to improve the appearance of our exterior, knowing that the same care we have about our home is just a sign of the care and attention that we have to every detail of our services.  The exterior of our home is very well lit inside and out the entire evening.  We have ample off street parking to accommodate over 80 vehicles and the entire perimeter of our home has ample on-street available parking also.  We have held services at times in excess of 400 persons coming though our facility at one given evening.  We strive to create elegant, pleasing and peaceful atmosphere as best we can beginning when you arrive at our home.

Inside Our Home--------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>

Just like the exterior, the inside of our home has also been remodeled entirely.  We have gone to great lengths to create the "home feel" for everyone to experience.    From our arrangement area where we comfortably sit up to six to make arrangements, Our main chapel which seats 95 comfortably, our main corridor creating a spacious ambiance to walk through and our video room where good times are remembered and cherished, we have made every effort to make sure you feel comfortable when your here.  We continuously improve our facilities not only in appearance,  but also technology as it advances towards assisting everyone to be part of the services, whether they be in another room inside the funeral home or across an ocean in another country.  Through our website they can see and hear everything taking place inside our chapel and all attendees within the funeral home can hear and see whatever service is taking place inside the chapel anywhere inside the funeral home through our monitors and sound system.  Nothing has been held back to make sure the services of your loved one is memorable and unforgettable.  You only have one opportunity to do it right!