Non-licensed  yet essential Support Staff

Martin Leon-Administrative Support Staff

Office Phone:  203-330-8081
Fax: 203-330-8082

Martin Leon Colon has been employed with Familes First at Luz de Paz since May 2014.  Currently he assists in many aspects of the operation of the funeral home.  He tends to the families needs or requests during services and visitations.  You may sometimes catch Martin in the Parking lot making sure the vehicles are safely parked and secure but he stops at nothing to get things done!  Always willing and ready to do whatever is needed, he will be there for everyone who comes through our doors. You may see Martin in our Home during services, in your home if someone passes there, but know there is a little bit of Martin everywhere! He is nonstop!

Martin has a compassionate, caring, attentive disposition to assist in whichever way possible.  We are glad Martin has become part of Funeraria Luz de Paz and look forward to many years of service with our firm.  It is persons like Martin and the rest of our staff that strive for the best experience considering the circumstances for every family we serve.  Never hesitate to ask Martin for assistance when you see him, if he can't, he will definitely guide you to where you can get a resolution to your question or concern.

Luis A. Colon, Administrative Support Staff
Email: luis.colon
Office Phone:  (203) 330-8081
Fax: (203) 330-8082

Luis has been with us since 2006. A very quiet man, but one we can count on at anytime day or night.  Luis has been an asset with our company since day one and we appreciate his willingness to be there 24/7. 
He usually tends our Parking lot during services to make sure that if parking is available the attendees are able to park and exit in a comfortable fashion.  if you approach him with a question or concern, he will immediately seek the answer or resolution for you.

Again, although quiet, don't let his quiet demeanor fool you he will get the answer for your question or a solution to your problem.We appreciate him and know that along with the rest of our staff,  he will do whatever he can to make things happen for you.

Mirta Bayon, Administrative Support Staff

Office Phone:  (203) 330-8081
Fax: (203) 330-8082

Mirta has been part of our Funeral Home since its beginning in 1997. 
She is a woman filled with an amazing disposition to overcome obstacles and making things happen. Nothing is impossible for her, just ask her! Mirta lives her life tending to needs of people, helping anyone who comes her way, in her church, in her private life, in her day job, basically anywhere she can.

During calling hours and at times during the funeral service she will tend to the needs and questions of attendees and families we are serving. She always goes above and beyond to make sure a family is served with dignity, respect,  professionalism &  the compassion they deserve. A woman with a determined disposition never afraid of a challenge, yet simply a woman who lives her life serving others. In conclusion, a woman proud to be the mother of the owner, Edgar Rodriguez.

Orlando Rodriguez Sr., Administrative Support Staff

Orlando has been with our funeral home since 1997.  Orlando is a very quiet, humble man but with a heart of Gold always always wanting to help anyone who comes his way. Orlando usually tends to the parking lot during large services and together with others in our staff they make sure parking is as available as it can be for any attendees to a service at our facility.

Orlando also tends to the maintenance needs of our firm and makes sure that whatever needs immediate attention he is always a phone call away. He never says hes unavailable. He is a wonderful man and if approached always has the disposition to assist in whatever way possible. In conclusion a man who the owner, Edgar Rodriguez, calls his dad, because he is.